Why We Study Art & Design

Art stimulates the imagination of the child. Art is not just something we learn, but a range of activities to practise, experience and master. It provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences, giving pupils a unique way of seeing and experiencing the world, nearby and afar.

Pupils use colour, form, texture and pattern and a range of different media and materials to communicate what they see, feel and think. Children can explore the ideas and meanings of artists and learn about the different roles that art can play in life, culture, history, creativity and wealth. Art can engage, inspire and challenge pupils’ ideas about the world.

How We Teach Art & Design

In school we clearly plan for the arts and culture to be a central part of our curriculum. There is clear direction with regular training and support to ensure that all staff are equipped to deliver a vibrant arts and cultural programme for all our pupils. All art blocks follow the same structure of learning:

  • Exposure to an established artist or artistic movement that will form the contextual stimulus of the subsequent lessons.
  • Explicit teaching of skill(s) and/or technique(s).
  • Application of these learnt techniques to create personal pieces of art.
  • Evaluation, assessment and reflection.

We have chosen to focus on children being able to create and visually communicate their ideas and therefore demonstrate their artistic thoughts through the use of:

  • Powder paint and watercolour;
  • Pencil and pen & ink;
  • Printing;
  • Clay tiling and sculpture; and
  • Sewing and weaving.

The progression skills and understanding within these media is clearly set out so that the children learn the specific foundations and sequentially build on these as they progress through school – leading them to being adept in many techniques when producing their own work.

What Is Special About Art & Design In Our School

The delivery of Art & Design in school is an integral part of our curriculum. The high levels of expectation from the subject leader, alongside the staff passion for the subject, ensures standards are kept high.

Artists are carefully chosen to exemplify a significant school of art or a specific skill or technique.

A regular engagement and commitment to having professional artist residencies in school gives all pupils the opportunity to work alongside and be inspired by experts – seeing art as a living process in the modern world.

Art & Design Documents

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