Why We Study Physical Education

Children deserve a high-quality physical education curriculum that is designed to inspire all children to succeed and excel; whether that be in competitive sport or other activities which are physically demanding.

The range of activities experienced when studying physical education develop children’s physical competence and confidence. Children are able to use their knowledge of the body in action to increase physical skillfulness and development. Planning, performing and evaluating performance helps children to improve the quality of their skillset. Children learn that repetition leads to mastery.

Children work within an environment where they have opportunities to excel as individuals, in groups or as a team member. They can express their creativity, competitiveness and resilience when facing challenges. Physical education is an ideal vehicle for promoting and embedding values such as fairness and respect.

Children are equipped to make informed choices about leading healthy, balanced lifestyles as they learn about nutrition, rest and their developing bodies. This sets the foundations for involvement in lifelong physical activity. 

How We Teach Physical Education

Physical education is taught by a specialist qualified PE teacher to ensure high-quality standards, progression and inspiration.

Children receive two hours per week of taught PE lessons throughout the year. In addition, we hold daily exercise sessions at the end of playtime (morning exercises) and our playground is resourced so that children can be physically active in a semi-structured environment during their breaks.

Swimming is taught to our Year 4 children as a daily session for a block of up to 3 weeks. Children who do not reach the requirements of the National Curriculum receive further lessons.

We work closely with our local sports partnership to provide wider opportunities for children within school and between schools. Children of all abilities regularly attend multi-school events.

What Is Special About Physical Education In Our School

Our blocked, intensive approach to the teaching of swimming means that children are able to swiftly develop their skills through building on prior learning day-by-day. Teaching becomes increasingly concentrated on those children who need the most support.

Effective partnerships are developed between our school and sporting associations within the community – allowing our children to develop pathways to deepening their experience.

External partners, who can bring specialist skills, are used to enhance our curricular offer.

High-profile national and international sporting events are used to raise the profile of physical education within school. For example, the FIFA World Cup is used to engage children in an intra-school competition.

Physical Education Documents

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