Why We Study Design & Technology

In our school, we study design and technology to prepare children for the world of tomorrow and its rapidly changing technologies. We like to make sure that children think creatively and therefore improve the quality of life through the application of design and technology. It is important for children to use their initiative in order to solve problems – as individuals and as members of a team.

Design and technology provides situations for children to identify needs, wants and opportunities; then to develop responses and ideas before making products and systems. This combines practical skills, aesthetics, social and environmental issues, functional and industrial practices.

Reflecting on the uses and effects of past and present designs and technologies allows children to deepen their understanding and become innovators. 

How We Teach Design & Technology

We teach this in blocked units of work so that children are able to maximise their learning by seeing the whole process of design and technology in one holistic unit – rather than being disparate and spread over several weeks.

Children are taught through a stepped process. They explore and learn from existing knowledge and products. They then experiment with techniques and materials before deciding on a final specification and design. This is then made and evaluated to learn from the process. 

What Is Special About Design & Technology In Our School

We ensure that children are aware that Design and Technology is a both a practical and valuable subject. Children are given the opportunity to take risks and as a result become more capable of taking control of their learning. They develop an understanding of the impact of Design and Technology in daily life and can apply a broad judgement when evaluating their work and the work of others.

Design & Technology Documents

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